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Circle 65 – Emporium NY – 4-07-13

Photos by Momma Duke

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Stone Sour 4.10.13 The Paramount NY

KIX – Revolution NY – 04.05.13

In This Moment 3.30.13 Upstate Concert Hall NY

LOVE & DEATH – Upstate Concert Hall 3.30.13

Lita Ford – Revolution NY – 03.29.13

Queensryche – The Emporium , Patchogue NY

HINDER 3.3.13 Emporium- Patchogue

NEWS- Brian Matus/Saviour T Shirt

New York-based Saviour licensed one of Brian Matus’ concert photos from their performance at B.B. King’s for use on they’re latest t-shirt.

Payments can be sent via Paypal to joannaa613@hotmail.com or money order.
The price is $20 Plus $3 shipping & handling. You must list shirt size.

P.O.box 444
Oceanside, NY 11572

Welcome PJ Motive and Momma Duke

The Bandshots family just keeps getting better and better! Now we welcome PJ Motive and Momma Duke!

Pj comes from the New York Hardcore scene and Momma Duke is the Photographer and a writer for Full Throttle Magazine, The northeast Biker Magazine!