Momma Duke

Circle 65 – Emporium NY – 4-07-13


Photos by Momma Duke

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Welcome PJ Motive and Momma Duke


The Bandshots family just keeps getting better and better! Now we welcome PJ Motive and Momma Duke!

Pj comes from the New York Hardcore scene and Momma Duke is the Photographer and a writer for Full Throttle Magazine, The northeast Biker Magazine!

About Momma Duke


  Margaret Nicosia “AKA” Momma Duke’s is the owner of RockATude Photography and is a freelance professional. Her love of music and art from the time she was an infant has lead her to put all her talents into one business.

Every one of her projects have always been structured to the clients needs and tastes, not her own.  She may add creative suggestions, but ultimately the client will get what they are looking for.  Her photography work, although digital, still brings out her “artsy” side, and most of her photos capture her subjects in a candid way.

She will add her special touch to posed shots, but enjoys when her subject does not sense her presence during a shoot. She enjoys meeting other professionals and starting her own trends.
Her additional skills include writing (presently for Full Throttle NYNE Magazine), Internet Marketing, and event coordinating.
She is available for photography shoots from live rock shows to corporate events as well as portrait shots for personal or commercial use. She’s also second camera for Weddings and other formal events, working with Long Island’s Affordable Wedding Photograher Chris of As You Wish Photography. Our Pricing is very affordable! Visit our photos page to view samples of our shots with “ROCKATUDE”!


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