About Dalila Kriheli

My name is Dalila Kriheli and I own rockstarpix.com.  I’m a NY based concert photographer.

Of course it started out innocently enough by taking a disposable camera to a show, then getting a “real” camera – and just shooting all night long.  This was more than a hobby for me and I realized that this was my calling.  I always wanted to be in the Music Business one way or the other.  As people would see my picture and comment on them (almost all positive feedback) I would hear time and time again that “You should do this for a living.”  I’m still going strong and loving it.

I have made some wonderful contacts in this industry and even more wonderful friends – It’s my absolute true love to shoot my friends live!

That is really all in a nutshell – There are reasons why I do what I do, and what led me to this, and if and when you meet me, you will understand.  As I’m charging up the batteries, and clearing up space on my CompactFlash cards, I leave you with this statement:  LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH PASSION!  I know I am.

Throughout my years in the entertainment industry, I have been most fortunate to meet the most passionate musicians, tour managers, models, rockers…. I am living a dream – Everybody that has seen me smile –> Thank you for bringing it to me.  I am truly humbled by all the positive energy that surrounds me.

Thank you for taking your precious time out to read about me!

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